SAR Europe Input into the NDICI programming for human rights and democracy 2021-2024

SAR Europe welcomes the opportunity to provide input to the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI) programming for human rights and democracy 2021-2024.

SAR Europe welcomes the inclusion of academic freedom and protection of academics in the EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy2020-2024. Concrete support for academic freedom and at-risk scholars too often slips between the cracks of higher education and human rights policies and programmes. Inclusion of these issues in the recent EU Action Plan is an important step towards bridging the gap between higher education and human rights support mechanisms, and serves to  publicly  highlight the  crucial  role  of  scholars  and  academic freedom in democratic societies.

To support the implementation of the Action Plan, SAR Europesubmitsfiverecommendationson concrete ways to advanceprotections for at-risk scholars and academic freedom within the programming of the NDICI. Our recommendations include proposed are as of intervention for thematic and geographic programmes, primarily relating to human rights and democracy, but intersecting with NDICI’s education, training and migration priorities. SAR Europe’s recommendations align primarily withthe first three lines of actionintheEU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy, and are consistent with Annex III of the NDICI. With regard to recommendation (4) below, we would be happy to share the detailed recommendation of the EU-funded Inspireuropeproject, coordinated by SAR Europe, for an EU fellowship scheme for researchers at risk. The Inspireurope recommendation contains relevant definitions and further information on why existing EU funding is not adequately meeting the needs of at-risk scholars. We are, of course, available to discuss the following recommendations in further detail with the EEAS, DG INTPA and other relevant parties.

Learn more SAR Europe’s recommendations here.

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