Membership of the SAR network is open to accredited higher education institutions and associations worldwide. Over 350 higher education institutions are members of the SAR network.

There are three requirements of membership.  There are no other obligations of membership.

1. Commitment to academic freedom: Members commit to the principle that scholars should be free to work without fear or intimidation, as set forth in the Scholars at Risk network’s founding statement.

2. Official SAR representative: Members designate a primary representative to communicate with the SAR office and network, including receiving information about scholars seeking temporary assistance and other network activities. A more detailed description of the role of SAR Primary Representatives can be found here.

3. Confidentiality: Members commit to keeping SAR scholar information confidential and to prioritize a SAR scholar’s privacy preferences at all times, including during selection, placement, or speaking events on campus.

Participation in any specific SAR activity, including hosting scholars, is at the discretion of the institution through its representative. More information on categories of membership and application forms are available here. For questions relating to joining the SAR network please write to [email protected].