Insights and statistics from the MSCA4Ukraine fellowship programme

By the scheme’s cut-off date of  November 11, 2022, a total of 403 applications were received on behalf of 402 candidates. of which there were approximately 71% female researchers and 29% male researchers. Approximately 4,4% of applications were deemed ineligible. In addition, 198 applications were submitted after November 11. In line with the scheme’s Terms of Reference, since all funding was committed on the basis of applications received before November 11, applications received after this date were not evaluated.

In terms of career levels of the candidates, 8% of the eligible applications were submitted on behalf of doctoral candidates, and 92%  for PhD-degree holders. Applications were submitted by host institutions from 28 countries (Fig. 1), with the highest number from Germany, Czechia, Spain, France and Italy.

The evaluation and selection process was carried out as outlined in the MSCA4Ukraine ToR and was supported by a very high level of solidarity from the global academic community. In fact, over 450 external experts from over 45 countries were recruited for evaluation.

Fig 1. Applications by host country
Fig 2. Distribution of Awards by Host Country

MSCA4Ukraine Results 2023

The MSCA4Ukraine consortium is pleased to announce the results of the scheme’s evaluation and selection process. Funded under the EU’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, the MSCA4Ukraine scheme will provide fellowship support to 124 researchers from Ukraine to continue their research in 21 host countries. Please find below the list of successful applications to MSCA4Ukraine as at 23 February 2023, in alphabetical order and by country. This list is subject to change as applicants accept or decline their fellowship awards. The final list will be available in due course and may include applicants currently on the ranked reserve list.

Host CountryHost InstitutionResearch Area*LevelDuration in monthsResearch Project Title
AustriaNaturhistorisches Museum WienSOCPostdoctoral24The Viennese Unpublished Caucasian Collection and New Approaches to the Late Bronze-Early Iron Ages of the Caucasus
AustriaUniversität für Bodenkultur WienENGPostdoctoral24Municipal solid waste and landfill management, reconstruction and monitoring in the post-war Ukraine
AustriaUniversität für Weiterbildung KremsENGPostdoctoral24Development of Phenomenological Models of Mechanical Properties for Advanced Multiphysics Material Simulation of Polycrystalline Magnets
AustriaUniversität SalzburgSOCPostdoctoral24Cultural Adaptation and Evaluation of Nukkuaa4Ukraine: a CBTbased Online Sleep Treatment Program
BelgiumGhent UniversitySOCPostdoctoral24(In)visible crime: Dealing with conflict-related sexual violence in international and national contexts. A case-study of Ukraine
BelgiumKatholieke Universiteit LeuvenCHEPostdoctoral24Fluorescent sorting of black plastics (FLUOSORT)
BelgiumKatholieke Universiteit LeuvenLIFDoctoral24GynCoviRisk - Assessing the risk of SARS-CoV-2 for pregnancy and as possible cause of birth defects
BelgiumKatholieke Universiteit LeuvenECOPostdoctoral24Can the rehabilitation after the war be an opportunity to put Sustainability more on the agenda in Ukraine?
BelgiumKatholieke Universiteit LeuvenSOCPostdoctoral24Strengthening the Rule of Law in Ukraine through a Reform of the Judicial Process for Litigating Matters of Collective Interest: Enhancing Access to Justice for War Victims
BelgiumKatholieke Universiteit LeuvenLIFPostdoctoral24Development of pre-vascularized human soft bone callus implant for accelerated vessel ingrowth in large implants
BelgiumUniversity of Antwerp (UA)ENGPostdoctoral24Crowd shipping initiatives for sustainable development of urban logistics
BelgiumUniversity of Antwerp (UA)PHYPostdoctoral24Plasma-assisted cracking of ammonia to hydrogen using gliding arc plasmas
CyprusUniversity of CyprusSOCPostdoctoral24Documentation & Accessibility of Rumeic Folk Songs
Czech RepublicBiology Centre CASLIFPostdoctoral24Define Biology of Babesia – Hemoglobin as a Source of Nutrients for Intracellular Parasite Development and Disease Progression
Czech RepublicBrno University of TechnologyENGPostdoctoral24Energy Pinch Analysis with Compact Heat Exchangers and Energy Storage for Energy and Carbon Footprint Reduction
Czech RepublicCrop Research InstituteLIFPostdoctoral24Nanocomposite hydrogels for cryopreservation of plant genetic resources
Czech RepublicCzech Academy of Sciences (CAS)SOCPostdoctoral24Exceptionalism in Ukrainian philosophical and political thought in the 19th and early 20th centuries
Czech RepublicCzech Academy of Sciences (CAS)LIFPostdoctoral24Deciphering the interplay between the fusogens and the membrane curvature by means of molecular simulations
Czech RepublicCzech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS)ENVPostdoctoral21Evaluation of “bioavailable” pool of Cd in soil by determination of Cd
concentration and its stable isotope composition coupled with a single
extraction procedure to decipher cadmium biogeochemical cycling in the soil-plant continuum
Czech RepublicCzech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS)ENGPostdoctoral24Phosphogypsum as a mineral resource for bioprocesses
Czech RepublicMasaryk UniversityLIFPostdoctoral18Adaptor protein Ruk/CIN85 as a potential molecular marker in human
Czech RepublicMasaryk UniversityLIFPostdoctoral24Annual vegetation of European wetlands: diversity, habitats and alien plant invasions
Czech RepublicMasaryk UniversityLIFPostdoctoral24Novel Cytokinin-Like Compounds: Signaling and Mechanism of Action in Arabidopsis and Brassicaceae Oilseeds
Czech RepublicMasaryk UniversityLIFPostdoctoral24Structural characterization of phage assembly and genome packaging in bacterial cells
Czech RepublicSilva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental GardeningLIFPostdoctoral24Unveiling multiscale spatial patterns of mistletoe distribution and their driving factors in tree canopies using remote sensing
Czech RepublicTechnical University of LiberecPHYPostdoctoral24Control Methods of Ferroelectric Self-Assembly
Czech RepublicTechnical University of LiberecPHYPostdoctoral24Microstructural evolution and atmospheric oxidation of nanocrystalline
films, as a way to create functional structures
Czech RepublicUniversity of Chemistry and Technology PragueCHEDoctoral24To link or to make? N-Heterocycles in two dimensions
Czech RepublicUniversity of Chemistry and Technology PragueCHEPostdoctoral24Development of Anion-Exchange Membranes for Hydrogen Producing
Alkaline Electrolysers
Czech RepublicUniversity of West BohemiaENGPostdoctoral24Renewable energy sources and Digital Twin
EstoniaTallinn University of TechnologyLIFPostdoctoral12The role of extracellular vesicles from follicular fluid on the function of
cultured primary granulosa cells
EstoniaUniversity of TartuLIFPostdoctoral24Design and development of 3D-printed medicines for bioactive materials of Ukrainian and Estonian medicinal plants origin
EstoniaUniversity of TartuLIFPostdoctoral24Genetic, social and cultural diversity in Iron Age settlements of Ukrainian forest-steppe
FinlandTampere UniversityCHEPostdoctoral24Plasmon-enhanced catalytic reactions for renewable fuels
FinlandUniversity of HelsinkiSOCDoctoral24The Implementation of the Rule of Law in the Nordic countries via Access to Justice
FinlandUniversity of HelsinkiECOPostdoctoral24Achieving Sustainable Development Goals progress through an integrated cross-sectoral analysis of banking and agri-food on sustainability reporting transparency
FinlandUniversity of TampereSOCDoctoral24Gender identity formation of Ukrainians through video game mechanics
FranceCNRS Centre de NeurochimieLIFPostdoctoral18Role of the Phospholipid Scramblase-1 in synaptic vesicle
endocytosis: identification of new regulators.
FranceInstitut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (INSERM)CHEPostdoctoral24Sub-molecular in situ visualizations of the potential-dependent interfacial process: novel system for new insight on ion channels conformation
FranceInstitut national de recherche pour l’agriculture, l’alimentation et l’environnement (INRAE)LIFPostdoctoral24WOLDS: The endosymbiotic bacteria Wolbachia from native and invasive populations of the pest Drosophila suzukii: population genomics and consequences for host fitness
FranceInstitut national de recherche pour l'agriculture, l'alimentation et l'environnement (INRAE)LIFPostdoctoral24MargO: Pedunculate Oak climate sensitivity in southern MARGinal populations over Europe
FranceLe Mans UniversiteCHEDoctoral8Gelatin-alginate hydrogels for hard-to-heal wounds
FranceSorbonne UniversiteCHEPostdoctoral24Molecular Tweezers for Multifunctional Communicating Systems
FranceUniversite d'AngersCHEPostdoctoral24Thermosensitive and photosensitive poloxazolines based polymers as switches and fluorescent labels for biomedical applications
FranceUniversite d'AngersECOPostdoctoral24The potential of collective intelligence for sustainable digital transformation in SMEs (CIDI STEP)
FranceUniversite d'AngersCHEPostdoctoral24Conducting (chiral) ladders and nanotubules (CONTINUES)
FranceCentre national de la recherche scientifiqueLIFPostdoctoral12Assessing immune and metabolic shifts in cutaneous Squamous Cell
Carcinomas progression
FranceUniversite de StrasbourgSOCPostdoctoral24The Role of Local Authorities in the Implementation of the Judgments
of the European Court of Human Rights
FranceUniversité de StrasbourgCHEPostdoctoral24Rational molecular design, synthesis, and bioconjugation of nextgeneration
fluorescent molecular rotors as probes for RNA condensation
FranceUniversite Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III)CHEDoctoral8Switchable materials based on spin-crossover complexes
FranceUniversite Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III)CHEDoctoral24Synthesis and photophysical studies of Ruthenium complexes with nitrosyl ligand and luminescent antennas for photoactivated chemotherapy
GeorgiaIlia State University (ISU)SOCPostdoctoral24Identify effective pathways to reach children and adults with disabilities among refugees from Ukraine
GermanyAlfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung (AWI)LIFPostdoctoral24Coral-associated microbiota as indicator of shifts in cold-water coral fitness near Chilean salmon farms
GermanyBrandenburgische Technische Universität (BTU)CHEPostdoctoral24Visual Encoding of Obscure Particles: Plasmonic Mapper-Magnifier for Express Identification of Micro- and Nano-bodies
GermanyDeutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) HamburgPHYPostdoctoral24Mechanisms of luminescence enhancement in oxide nanoparticles and composites with heterovalent substitutions
GermanyDeutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) HamburgPHYPostdoctoral24Ionization Losses of Relativistic Particles in Crystals (ION-LOSS)
GermanyDeutsches GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ)ENVPostdoctoral24Reconstruction of the Ukrainian seismic network
GermanyEberhard Karls Universität TübingenSOCPostdoctoral24Ukrainian literature in Germany: the image of Ukraine in Germanlanguage
literary translations and in literary studies
GermanyEberhard Karls Universität TübingenSOCPostdoctoral24Understanding the productivity of derivational morphology: internal vs
external factors
GermanyHeinrich-Heine-Universität DüsseldorfCHEPostdoctoral24Application of quantum chemistry methods to predict supramolecular
architecture of halogen and amino substituted aromatic compounds
GermanyHeinrich-Heine-Universität DüsseldorfCHEPostdoctoral24Targeting advanced aminothiol-based radioprotective agents derivatized by quinolines
GermanyHeinrich-Heine-Universität DüsseldorfECOPostdoctoral24Digitalization for Sustainable Economic Growth in Central and Eastern Europe
GermanyHumboldt-Universität zu BerlinSOCPostdoctoral24Between the languages: Linguistic basics, institutional forms and didactic concepts of teaching Ukrainian as a heritage language in Berlin and beyond
GermanyInstitut für deutsche Sprache, Mannheim (IDS)SOCPostdoctoral18Language Dynamics in times of the Russia-Ukraine War
GermanyJustus-Liebig-Universität GießenMATPostdoctoral24A new approach to optimal numerical differentiation and its application
for solving equations of mathematical physics
GermanyJustus-Liebig-Universität GießenMATPostdoctoral24Modules over group rings of linear groups of finite rank and their applications in Modern Harmonic Analysis
GermanyLeibniz-Institut für Agrarentwicklung in in Transformationsökonomien (IAMO)LIFPostdoctoral24Sustainability reporting and access to capital (for post-war recovery) of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine
GermanyLeibniz-Institut für Festkörper- und Werkstoffforschung Dresden (IFW) e.V.PHYPostdoctoral24Control of graphene surface plasmon-polaritons (SPP) propagation and modulation properties in hybrid graphene-dielectric metasurfaces using finite-element electromagnetic simulations
GermanyLeibniz-Institut für Zoo- und Wildtierforschung (IZW)LIFPostdoctoral18Moving over the frontier: habitat and climate drivers of bat population
abundances and bat assemblages across the East European Plain
GermanyMax-Planck-Institut für AstronomiePHYPostdoctoral24Radial Velocity Survey for Planets around Young stars (RV SPY). The search for warm and cold giant planets.
GermanyTechnische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu BraunschweigMATPostdoctoral15Qualitative Behavior of Solutions of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Removability Conditions
GermanyTechnische Universität ChemnitzPHYPostdoctoral8“Microellipsometric investigations of ordered lattices of plasmonic
nanoparticles – influence of the ordering” Nanoparticles Plasmonics
GermanyTechnische Universität DresdenENGPostdoctoral24Development of the methods for diagnostics, prediction and prevention of local instabilities with unsupported sleepers
GermanyTechnische Universität MünchenMATPostdoctoral24Score matching methods for computationally efficient estimation of
log-concave distributions in regression and multivariate statistics
GermanyUniversität BayreuthENGPostdoctoral24Hydrogen Influence on Fe-Ni-Al Alloys
GermanyUniversität GreifswaldLIFPostdoctoral24Global biodiversity patterns of corticulous myxomycetes (Myxogastrea)
GermanyUniversität KonstanzSOCPostdoctoral12Use of factorial design to determine the significance of personal social status characteristics (according to the Adapted for Ukraine Warner’s Status Characteristics Index)
GermanyUniversität PaderbornSOCPostdoctoral12Women Philosophers and Scientists: Ecofeminism against Ecocide during and after the war
IrelandRoyal College of Surgeons in IrelandENGPostdoctoral24Establishing pathways to safe surgery: case of Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania (SURGpath)
IrelandRoyal College of Surgeons of IrelandSOCPostdoctoral24Health Profiles, Health Care Needs and Coping Strategies of Ukrainian Female Refugees Settled in the Czech Republic and Ireland
ItalyIstituto Nazionale di AstrofisicaPHYPostdoctoral24Evolution of radio emission from the remnant of supernova 1987A by
magnetohydrodynamic modeling and comparison with the observations
ItalyUniversita degli Studi di TorinoPHYDoctoral24Tools for understanding semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering measurements
ItalyUniversita di FoggiaLIFPostdoctoral24Combined Behavioural and Molecular Landscape of Autism Spectrum
Disorders and its Prognostic Implication in Mice
ItalyUniversita di PisaENVPostdoctoral24Evaluation of accumulation, contamination/migration of Tritium in concrete nuclear facility
ItalyUniversita di PisaCHEDoctoral12Synthesis of functionalizable heterocycles for the study of new peptidomimetic conjugates for biomedical applications
LatviaUniversity of LatviaENGPostdoctoral24Innovative two-dimensional nanomaterials for photo-thermal therapy of melanoma
LatviaVidzeme University of Applied SciencesSOCPostdoctoral24CineGame Ukraine: a Contemporary Ukrainian Research-based Digital Art Game for Developing Narrative Skills and Cinema Literacy
LithuaniaNational Cancer InstituteLIFPostdoctoral24Bacterial Lectins and Cytokine-Induced Killer Cells as a Way to Improve Cancer Immunotherapy
LithuaniaNature Research Centre Laboratory of EcotoxicologyLIFPostdoctoral24Study of the protective potential of probiotics in combination with nanoparticles during long-term exposure to juvenile fish to assess possible risks
LithuaniaVilnius UniversitySOCPostdoctoral19Digital forensic, open data source and artificial intelligence as tools of international security
LuxembourgUniversite de LuxembourgLIFPostdoctoral24Universal mental health training for frontline professionals: further development and adjustment for warrelated needs and future post-war recovery in Ukraine
NetherlandsDelft University of TechnologyECOPostdoctoral24Improving the resilience of Ukrainian agriculture for post-war soil
restoration and carbon mitigation
NetherlandsLeiden UniversitySOCPostdoctoral24Development of research assessment practices that contribute to the
development of Ukrainian science, economy and society
NetherlandsUniversity of GroningenSOCDoctoral11Careers in times of war: Assessing the impact of war on career selfefficacy
and adaptability of Ukrainian data scientists
NetherlandsUniversity of GroningenCHEPostdoctoral24Supramolecular polymerization motors: “viewed and felt” by atomic
force microscopy
NetherlandsVU Vrije University AmsterdamECOPostdoctoral24Creating favorable conditions for activation innovative entrepreneurship and startups in the post-war period in Ukraine based on European experience
NetherlandsWageningen UniversityLIFPostdoctoral24Ukrainian wildfires of war: changes in fire regimes as a result of the direct and indirect effects of war
NetherlandsWageningen UniversitySOCPostdoctoral24Solidarity as Responsible Business Conduct: beyond Corporate Respect for Human Rights
NorwayUniversity of BergenSOCDoctoral24Issues of domestic prosecution of war crimes in Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian war of 2022
NorwayUniversity of OsloSOCPostdoctoral24UAGREEKS: Study of the transnational connections of southern Ukraine through the history of its Greek minority from the 18th to the 21st century
NorwayUniversity of OsloMATPostdoctoral24Robustness, Asymptotic Behavior and Stability of Models Based on Stochastic Differential Equations
PolandGdansk University of TechnologyENGPostdoctoral24Systemic, risk-informed decision support system for the definition of boundary conditions for safe inland navigation based on a novel logico-linguistic model
PolandJagiellonian UniversityCHEPostdoctoral24Fenton-like heterogeneous ferrite catalysts with improved adsorption
properties for wet oxidation of organic pollutants
PolandPolish Academy of SciencesPHYPostdoctoral24THz-properties of nanoscale plasmonic crystal structures and currentdriven
mechanisms of plasmon instability for generation of THz radiation
PolandPolish Academy of SciencesLIFPostdoctoral24Molecular epidemiological survey and genetic analysis of vectorborne
pathogens of horses in Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia
PolandPoznan University of Life SciencesENGPostdoctoral24Biogas Solutions in overcoming the energy, climate and food crisis in EU and Ukraine
PolandUniversity of Life Sciences in LublinENGPostdoctoral24Electroconsolidation process and its effect on the structure and properties of the nanostructured materials sintered out of powders
SlovakiaSlovak Academy of SciencesCHEPostdoctoral24Novel polymer matrixes and micro/nanocarriers for biosensing improvement
SloveniaUniversity of LjubljanaPHYPostdoctoral24Phase behaviour and effects of co-solutes on aggregation of proteins in aqueous solution
SpainFundacion Universitaria San Pablo CEULIFPostdoctoral24Bio-nanoparticles loaded with bacterial elicitors to improve plant adaptation to water limiting conditions (drought and salinity)
SpainGermans Trias i Pujol Research Institute LIFPostdoctoral24Study of first and second-line drug resistance patterns of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by molecular methods in clinical samples for preparedness of TB control healthcare system in Ukraine (TBpreparedness4Ukraine)
SpainUniversidad Complutense de MadridCHEPostdoctoral12Tuning thermoelectric performance of Cu-based tetrahedrite nanocomposite system
SpainUniversidad de BurgosSOCPostdoctoral24Green hydrogen in the conditions of war and increasing the competitiveness of the state
SpainUniversidad de SalamancaSOCPostdoctoral24TRANSPONTIC: The Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition in the Northern Pontic Region: A multi-proxy approach to the socio-economic and symbolic practices of forager societies
SpainUniversidad de SevillaECOPostdoctoral24Social welfare preferences towards sustainable development
SpainUniversidad de ValenciaCHEPostdoctoral24Chemical design of triazole-based spin crossover complexes for their integration in molecular spintronic devices
SpainUniversitat Rovira i VirgiliENVPostdoctoral24Climatological and meteorological aspects of heat waves in Europe
Spain Instituto de Astrofisica de CanariasPHYPostdoctoral24Ultracool dwarfs modelling: the bridge between planets and stars
SwedenChalmers University of TechnologyCHEPostdoctoral24Carbon-induced corrosion in dual atmosphere relevant for SOFC/SOEC
SwedenGothenburg UniversitySOCPostdoctoral24Dialogues, disputes and battles: propaganda during the Great Northern War 1700–1721
SwedenLund UniversityLIFDoctoral24Deciphering the role of sodium butyrate on the enteric nervous system and microglia phenotype in Alzheimer’s disease
SwedenSwedish University of Agricultural SciencesLIFPostdoctoral24Genomic composition of Ukrainian apple germplasm
SwedenUppsala UniversityLIFDoctoral24Plants do not respect political borders: development of a unified
classification system for conservation management
SwedenUppsala UniversityPHYPostdoctoral24Nanometre-scale emittance electron beams for laboratory X-ray Free-Electron Laser
*Legend for Research Area:

CHE – Chemistry; ECO – Economic Sciences; ENG – Information Science and Engineering; ENV – Environment and Geosciences; LIF – Life Sciences; MAT – Mathematics; PHY – Physics; SOC – Social Sciences and Humanities

This list is subject to change as applicants accept or decline their offers. The final list will be available in due course and may include applicants currently on the ranked reserve list.

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