The MSCA4Ukraine project partners thank all researchers from Ukraine and prospective host organisations for their applications to the MSCA4Ukraine scheme. By the scheme’s first cut-off date of November 11, we received over 400 applications from 28 countries.
Due to this large response, and the high likelihood that funding will be committed on the basis of applications received by the first cut-off date, the MSCA4Ukraine portal closed on Friday November 25 at midnight CET until further notice. As noted in the scheme’s Terms of Reference all internal cut-off dates are provisional, and adjustable based on the rate of applications.
Please note that any applications received after the first cut-off date and before November 25 will only be evaluated if funding remains after the selection of applications received by the first cut-off date of November 11. In the unlikely case that there is still funding available after the first two rounds of evaluation, the portal will reopen for new applications in early 2023.