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Scholars at Risk (SAR)
  • ‘Free To Think’ Reports: Free to Think is SAR’s annual report that explore concerning trends in attacks on higher education communities around the world with the aims of raising awareness and urging diverse state and non-state stakeholders to join us in protecting and promoting academic freedom.
  • Scholars at Risk Academic Freedom Monitoring project: SAR’s Academic Freedom Monitoring Project focuses on developing a greater understanding of the volume and nature of attacks on higher education communities in order to develop more effective protection responses.
  • MOOC on Academic Freedom: Produced as part of the EU-funded Academic Refuge project, the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on academic freedom and higher education values, is hosted on the Future Learn platform. It is a 3 week, free course which allows the participant to explore why academic freedom is crucial for maintaining the quality and relevance of research in higher education as well as understanding some of the current threats to academic freedom, and how this relates to the academic community worldwide.
  • Academic freedom is a human right.
Defining Academic Freedom
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To view the panel discussion ‘More important than ever: Academic freedom for quality research and innovation’, Inspireurope Stakeholder Forum, June 8th 2020, please click below: