European Court of Human Rights

Academic freedom is not explicitly provided for in the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. However, the European Court of Human Rights has tended to consider issues regarding academic freedom within the ambit of the Convention under Article 10, which guarantees freedom of expression.

(Below is a non-exhaustive list of applicable judgments)

Sorguç v. Turkey, Appl. No. 17089/03, ECtHR, 2nd Sec., 23 June 2009

Lombardi Vallauri v. Italy, Appl. No. 39128/05, ECtHR, 2nd Sec., 20 October 2009

Sapan v. Turkey, Appl. No. 44102/04, ECtHR, 2nd Sec., 8 June 2010

Aksu v. Turkey, Appl. Nos. 4149/04 and 41029/04, ECtHR, Grand Chamber, 15 March 2012

Hasan Yazıcı v. Turkey, Appl. No. 40877/07, ECtHR, 2nd Sec., 15 April 2014

Mustafa Erdoğan v. Turkey, Appl. Nos. 346/04, 39779/04, ECtHR, 2nd Sec., 27 May 2014

All judgments are available in the Court’s online hudoc database available here.