Second conference on the Ukraine crisis: one year of war in Ukraine, exploring the impact on the science sector and supporting initiatives

ALLEA and the International Science Council (ISC) will host the Second Conference on the Ukraine crisis: One Year of War in Ukraine, Exploring the Impact on the Science Sector and Supporting Initiatives on 20-22 March. This event is a follow-up to the first conference, which took place in June 2022 and generated a report with key recommendations to support academics, researchers, students, and higher education and science systems affected by conflict. The conference will highlight the need for ongoing support to the Ukrainian higher education and scientific communities via this conference and associated activities. The conference aims to mobilise the scientific community to critically examine the surge of protection and support efforts during the past year and assess ways forward for enhanced long-term support and post-conflict reconstruction. As part of the conference, on 20 March, Dominik Kalweit, Programme Manager of MSCA4Ukraine, will be presenting the MSCA4Ukraine scheme and participating in the round table discussion on the “Review of responses to support the higher education and science sector”.

The event is finished.


Mar 20 - 22 2023


All Day